Paul Miller

Paul Miller was recognized April 26 as the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media Technology Leader of the Year.

“I am humbled to have been recommended and recognized for the work and passion that I have for being part of the learning process,” Miller said, who serves as Springdale Public Schools Technology Director. “I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with and for such amazing people, who always put the learning of our Springdale family first.”

The award is presented annually to Arkansas educators or technology coordinators who’ve demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of technology through service to students, teachers and the community in an Arkansas school, a regional service cooperative, an institute of higher learning or at the state level, said Brittany Fleming, AAIM president elect and awards chairwoman.

Miller provides technology leadership for Springdale Schools, providing guidance in all aspects of technology, to include investing in the best devices for classroom instruction, finding solutions that work best for district-wide connectivity and communication, creating physical security solutions and remaining abreast of any new or emerging cyber security solutions, according to the nomination packet.

Miller leads the state in technology, innovation, safety and academics, said Marcia Smith, Springdale School District Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation.

“He works with state and local agencies to create systems that can support student learning. Springdale is a large district with over 90,000 devices,” Smith said. “He knows how important it is to have systems. Mr. Miller has a cyber security degree, and the military helps him to continue to grow. This is fundamental when student safety is a top priority for him and his team.”

Miller also works closely with 1,800 teachers, administrators and staff in a confident and constructive way, Smith said.

“This is no easy task,” she said. “He does it with a positive spirit…one with a focus on student achievement and safety.”

Miller said his efforts to provide leadership and direction to ensure student learning through technology at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was pivotal to the award recognition.

“This award is recognition outside of the district of the work we are doing in the Technology Department to enhance student learning and provide the best tools possible for student success,” Miller said.

Miller has worked with Springdale Schools since 2006 and as the Technology Director since 2017, he said.

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